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Yoga Blocks

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Review of Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

What is a Yoga Block?

Like most yoga equipment, yoga blocks are designed to help the yogi achieve and maintain certain body postures (asanas and vinyasas) like raising your hips off the floor to help stretch your ankles and hips. Yoga blocks are typically square and made of wood, plastic, or foam, and provide something to lean on during a standing or bending posture when your hand won't quite reach the mat. Price Guide: About $12.00 (per foam block).

Benefits of Using Yoga Blocks

Blocks provide the necessary support or height required to attain body positions effectively and with better alignment. They are beneficial both for yoga-beginners as well as advanced students who lack total body suppleness and flexibility.

Are Yoga Blocks Essential?

No. Blocks are convenient but not essential. Simply buy a piece of foam cushion material and cut to appropriate size.

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