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Review of Weight Bench

Weight Benches

Strength-Training Safer with Weight Bench

If weight or strength-training is a priority in your home exercise program, a weight bench will be a very useful accessory for your home gym, as benches are ideal for use with free weights and dumbbells. Building muscles like biceps, triceps or pecs, by lifting hand-weights, barbells, free weights or dumbells, requires careful positioning of the body, to reduce the risk of back injury or muscle-strain. This is easier to accomplish with a proper weight bench offering good body support, and your muscle-building will be safer and more effective in the process.

Best Types of Weight Benches

The best type of weight bench has proper stability to support both your body plus the weights or dumbells being lifted. Although weight benches can come with various attachments or add-ons, there are two basic types: a free-standing gym-bench you use to lift weights from - eg. by resting your back or knee on it - and a bench with a weight rack from which to lift/replace weights (eg) while lying on your back. There are three basic categories of the latter type of weight bench.

Standard Type
A standard weight bench typically has 2-inch heavy-duty steel tubing with 24-inch wide supports that accommodate a 5-foot bar with standard size plates. The bench supports a 110-170 pound weight set. Price Guide: $100.00-$200.00

Mid-Size Type
This weight bench typically has 2.5 inch heavy-duty steel tubing with 36-inch wide crutches. It typically accommodates a 7-foot bar with standard or Olympic plates, and supports a 110-310 pound weight set. Price Guide: $150.00-$350.00

Olympic Type
An Olympic weight bench has 2 to 3-inch heavy-duty steel tubing and 44-inch wide crutches that allow a wide grip on a 7-foot bar, and include an adjustable seat incline and dip station. Price Guide: About $150.00-$450.00

Weight Bench and Weight Reduction

Weight Benches enhance weight-training and muscle-fitness. However, for best weight control, strength-training workouts using Weight Benches need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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