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Review of Trampoline


Trampoline - Effective and Fun

When performed safely, trampolining offers a low-impact cardio-aerobic workout, which produces less stress on the joints than activities like running or jogging, as over 80 percent of the stress experienced by the body is absorbed by the soft surface of the trampoline. More important, it's a fun form of exercise! Jumping, bouncing, doing somersaults and backflips is a lot more enjoyable and less repetitive than walking or jogging.

Guidelines for Buying A Trampoline

When purchasing a trampoline, here are some basic guidelines:

Trampoline Frame
This is a vital component in any trampoline. A high quality frame means the trampoline performs better for longer. Choose a heavier gauge - number 14 or upwards.

Trampoline Mat (Bed)
Choose Grade A, or #1 Polypropylene, with 710# bursting strength per square inch. Choose threading that is used is UV treated. Make sure the attachment used is V-rings. Trampolines that use grommets or clamps (inserted onto the mat) can interfere with jumping.

Trampoline Springs
Resilience of the springs is important, not solely the spring-count.

Trampoline Frame Pad
This should be wide enough to cover all the springs. It should be thick enough to fully absorb the feeling of the frame underneath. (Minimum 0.5-1 inch thick.)

Cost of Trampolines

A large trampoline costs about $700.00-$1400.00.

Caution About Trampolines and Children

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the number of Americans treated in hospitals each year for trampoline-related injuries is now 100,000 - triple what it was in 1991. Most of those hurt are children younger than 14.

Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline injuries can be so violent they resemble those suffered in car or motorcycle accidents. Sprains and fractures are common, and severe injuries can interfere with growth or cause paralysis or death.

Safe Trampolining

(1) Children using trampolines must be supervised.
(2) Only 1 child should use a trampoline at 1 time.
(3) The trampoline jumping surface should be placed at ground level, and the supporting bars and strings should have protective padding.

Trampoline and Weight Control

Trampolines improve health and fitness, build muscle tissue, and develop a leaner body shape. They also help to raise metabolism and may also help to develop a flat stomach. To lose fat tissue, and reduce weight, workouts using a Trampoline need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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