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Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Review of Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

What is a Recumbent Bike?

Unlike traditional exercise cycles which are "upright", a recumbent bike is operated from a "sitting position" - which helps to support your lower back, therefore reducing back strain while you work out. It is therefore more ergonomically correct than a traditional upright stationary bike, which can cause back stress from adopting a hunched over posture while pedalling. A recumbent exercise bike allows you to choose the cycling posture that is most comfortable for you.

Other Benefits of a Recumbent Cycle

As well as providing better lumbar support while cycling, recumbent exercise bikes also provide more work for the gluteal muscles (eg. Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Glutus Minimus), which is good for butt exercise. They also promote more efficient blood flow throughout the body. Lastly, recumbent exercise cycles provide good cycling workouts for cardio-aerobic capacity, and weight-reduction.

Recumbent Bikes: Features and Controls

Like stationary exercise bikes, recumbent bikes offer features such as heart monitoring, different resistance and incline levels, adjustable seats and handlebars, programmed workouts and so on.

Buying a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bike comes in various prices and the more you pay the more features you can expect to get. Some of the more advanced features to look out for include: Display consoles with readouts for time, distance, speed, calories burned, pulse/heart rate level, revs per minute and minutes per mile. The more expensive models also have pre-programmed workouts. Price Guide: $300.00-$2000.00

Recumbent Exercise Bike and Weight Control

Recumbent Exercise Bikes improve health and fitness, build muscle tissue, and develop a leaner body shape. They also help to raise metabolism and may also help to develop a flat stomach. To lose fat tissue, and reduce weight, workouts using Recumbent Exercise Bicycles need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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