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Review of Pilates Equipment

Pilates Exercise Equipment

Is Pilates Fitness Equipment Useful?

Some Pilates experts consider that all beginners should start practising Pilates movements using specialist apparatus. Pilates machines do help students to isolate and focus on working specific muscles. These fitness items can be helpful for sports conditioning and when rehabilitation of an injury is required.

Pilates Sessions With/Without Apparatus

Most Pilates studios offer a variety of instruction sessions, to introduce you to the different Pilates apparatus, as well as the language and philosophy of Pilates. After a couple of private sessions, you can graduate to a shared session (with instructor), or a group 'mat' class. Two Pilates sessions per week, is a good balance to incorporate Pilates fundamentals and movements into your life.

Examples of Pilates Equipment:

Spine Corrector
The Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel was created by Joseph Pilates to open the chest and correct curvature of the spine. Looking like half a wooden beer barrel, the Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel is used in many pilates centers.
Price Guide: About $200.00

Wunda Chair
Looking not unlike a medieval torture chair, the Wunda Chair is designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily worked by traditional exercise techniques. Using a Wunda Chair, the student can perform exercises that offer both balance and control of the body, which themselves underpin most of the advanced Pilates movements.
Price Guide: About $180.00 (inc. video & manual)

Pro Pilates Machine
Looking rather like a rowing machine, the Pro Pilates Reformer facilitates controlled and concentrated movement. Price Guide: About $500.00.

Pilates Equipment and Weight Control

Pilates Equipment machines improve health and fitness, build muscle tissue, and develop a leaner body shape. They also help to raise metabolism and may also help to develop a flat stomach. To lose fat tissue, and reduce weight, workouts using Pilates Equipment machines need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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