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Review of Exercise Clothing

Exercise Clothing, Fitness Wear

There is an endless range of exercise clothing on the market - most sports have a range of clothes made specifically for that sport to ease movement and add comfort.

What Exercise Clothing is Best?

When buying exercise workout clothing, the two most important considerations are comfort and support. Your muscles need to be able to move freely without restriction. Also, choose exercise apparel that offers reasonable support, especially in shoes and socks. Finally, exercise clothing that helps cope with heavy sweating or perspiration will definitely enhance the enjoyment of your fitness program.

List of Exercise/Sports Clothing

Aerobic Workout Clothes
Aerobic pants, tank tops and shoes are one of the biggest sellers on the market. Many pants have a comfortable elastic/drawstring waistband that can be worn under- or mid-belly for comfort and style. Better pants are both anti-microbial and hydrophilic, to help keep you clean and dry. Lycra is popular - soft and stretchy.

Pants $30.00-$50.00. Tank tops $25.00 - $30.00. Trainers $60.00-$100.00.

Cycling Clothing
Includes cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, cycling gloves, polar heart bras (Keeps transmitter in place while providing support) etc.

Jerseys $40.00-$50.00, Shorts $40.00-$60.00, gloves $10.00-$20.00, polar heart bras $30-$40

Running Clothes
Running shorts, running tights, women's tanks, vests, running jackets, trainers.

Trainers $70.00-$120.00. Shorts $20.00-$30.00. Tights $40.00-$50.00. Tank tops $25.00 - $30.00.

Ski Sportswear
boots, ski jackets, ski pants, ski Gloves, ski hat/masks.

Ski boots $200.00-$600.00, ski jackets $100.00-$500.00, pants $70.00-$200.00, gloves $40.00-$100.00

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