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See below for answers to questions like: What exactly is physical fitness? What's the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? How to improve cardio-fitness and heart health? What is strength training? What are resistance workouts? How many calories does exercise burn? What are the health benefits of exercise? What are weight-bearing exercises? How can you improve muscle strength and stamina? What gym equipment is best? How to do push-ups, crunches, squats, abdominal six pack exercises? How to develop abs, pecs, lats, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, triceps, and biceps? What is the best exercise to lose weight? What are the best workouts during pregnancy? What are the best heart-rate monitors? What is the best 7-day exercise program? When is the best time of day to exercise? What is the exercise intensity talk test? How often to workout? How to raise metabolic rate? What are the best warm-up and cool down exercises? What exercise is best to develop a flat stomach?

Exercise and Fitness Information

Expert Advice

Official Fitness Guidelines
Guide to Physical Fitness
(1) Cardio Endurance
(2) Muscle Strength
(3) Muscle Endurance
(4) Body Flexibility
(5) Body Composition

Exercise Programs

Good Exercise Workout
Good Exercise Program(7-Day)
Advice on Exercise Workouts
Guide to Best Exercises
Best Weight Loss Exercise
Regular Exercise To Lose Weight
Best Exercise For Bigger Muscles
Best Exercise During Pregnancy

Gym Equipment

Review of Exercise Equipment
Heart-Rate Monitors
Polar Heart Rate Meters
Activity Calorie Calculators
Exercise Bikes

Exercise Questions

Best Types of Exercise
Best Time To Exercise
How Long To Exercise
How Often To Exercise
How Many Calories To Burn
What Exercise Intensity
Exercise Intensity Levels
What is Metabolic Rate
Calories Burned by Exercise
Calorie Intake & Expenditure
Calorie Needs to Maintain Weight


Health Benefits Of Exercise
Cardio Exercise Benefits
Exercise Target Heart Rate
Exercise for Heart
Strength Training Benefits
How to Reduce Exercise Injury
Fitness Health Guide
Physical Fitness Advice
Exercise to Reduce Obesity

Burn Body Fat
Develop Muscles
Get Flat Stomach
Lose Fat Tissue
Lose Weight
Raise Metabolism
Reduce Weight

General Types of Exercise

Abdominal Exercises
Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic Training
Anaerobic Exercise
Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Energy
Back Exercises
Butt Exercise
Cardio Exercise
Cardio Workout Advice
Circuit Training
Cross Training
Elliptical Training
Exercise Bike
Inline Skating
Jumping Rope
Knee Exercise
Leg Exercise
Muscle Fitness
Neck Exercise
Pilates Workouts
Quadriceps Exercise
Resistance Training
Rowing & Ergometer
Ski Machine
Spinning (Studio Bike)
Stationary Cycle
Step Aerobics
Stepping (Stepper)
Strength Training
Thigh Workouts
Treadmill Workout
Water Aerobics
Weight-Bearing Exercise
Weight Training
Yoga Workouts

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