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Review of Best Fitness Equipment and Exercise Machines

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Review of Fitness Machines and Home Gym Equipment

See below for a list of exercise machines to help you burn calories, improve your cardio fitness level, increase strength and muscle fitness and improve your body shape. Many items of exercise equipment can help you to develop a flat stomach, perhaps even get a "six-pack." For an ideal calorie burning fitness program, combine aerobic equipment - like: treadmill, elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stairclimber - with some form of strength or resistance training apparatus - like: weight-machines, freeweights, stationary bike, medicine ball - and perhaps yoga or pilates for flexibility, posture and balance.

Review of Exercise Machines to Burn Calories

Fitness Equipment

Ab-Exercise Machines
Cardio-Aerobic Machines
Elliptical Trainer
Rebounder (Mini-Trampoline)
Rowing Machine
Treadmill Review
Manual Treadmills
Proform® Treadmill
Weslo® Treadmill

Exercise Bike
Dual Action Bike
Recumbent Bike
Stationary Bike

Home Gyms
Home Gym Equipment
BowFlex® Gym
BandFlex® Gym

Weight Bench
Weight-Lifting Equipment
Weight-Lifting Gloves
Weight-Training Apparatus

Fitness Accessories

Bathroom Scales
Body Fat Scales
Exercise Ball
Exercise Band
Exercise Clothing
Exercise Mat
Exercise Video/DVD
Heart Rate Monitor
Medicine Ball
Polar® Heart Rate Monitor
Resistance Band
Running Shoes
Stability Ball
Swiss Exercise Ball
Weighing Scales

Pilates Accessories
Pilates Video/DVD
Winsor® Pilates Video/DVD

Yoga Block
Yoga Clothes
Yoga Mat
Yoga Straps/Belts
Yoga Videos/DVD

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