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Energy Content of Popular Foods

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Calories in a Beer
Calories in a Big Mac
Calories in a Cup of Coffee
Calories in a Donut
Calories in an Apple
Calories in an Orange
Air-Popped Popcorn Calories
Apple Pie Calories
Avocado Calories
Bananas Calories
Banana Bread Calories
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Calories
Big Mac Calories
Bloody Mary Cocktail Calories
Brownie Calories
Budweiser Beer Calories
Campbell Soups Calories
Carrot Cake Calories
Carbohydrate (gram) Calories
Celery Calories
Cheese Cake Calories
Cheese Steak Calories
Chili Calories
Chinese Food Calories Calories
Chocolate Calories
Chocolate Bars Calories
Chocolate Cake Calories
Chocolate Chip Cookies Calories
Coca Cola Calories
Cool Whip Calories
Cottage Cheese
Cream Cheese Calories
Cream Pie Calories
Egg Substitute Calories
Energy Drinks Calories
Equal Calories
Fat (gram) Calories
Fortune Cookies Calories
French Cheese Calories
Fried Chicken Calories
Fries Calories
Grapes Calories
Graham Crackers Calories
Grapefruit Calories
Gum Calories
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Calories
Half & Half Creamer Calories
Hamburger Calories
Hershey's Candy Calories
Indian Food Calories
Kashi Calories
Lean Cuisine Calories
Liquor Calories
Low Calorie Dressings Calories
Mayo Calories
M&Ms Candy Calories
Macadamia Nuts Calories
Milk Shakes Calories
Noni Juice Calories
Oatmeal Calories
Oreo Cookies Calories
Panera Bread Calories
Peanut Butter Calories
Peanut Butter Cookies Calories
Protein (gram) Calories
Protein Bars Calories
Protein Drinks/Shakes Calories
Salmon Calories
Smoothies Calories
Soy Milk Calories
Spaghetti Squash Calories
Special K Calories
Splenda Calories
Sports Bars Calories
Squash Calories
Steak Calories
Sugar Calories
Sugar Cookies Calories
Sushi Calories
Tacos Calories
Vodka Calories
Waffles Calories
Watermelon Calories
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Calories
Whopper Calories
Yogurt Calories
Frozen Yogurt Calories

Energy Intake and Expenditure

The Energy Equation

Whether we gain or lose weight - or stay the same - is determined by the "energy equation." Energy-in refers to our food calorie consumption. Energy-out refers to our calorie expenditure.

  • If energy-in = energy-out, our weight remains the same
  • If energy-in exceeds energy-out, we gain weight
  • If energy-in is less than energy-out, we lose weight

About 60 percent of our energy expenditure is accounted for by our resting or basal metabolic rate - meaning, the amount of energy needed to fuel the body's biochemical processes while at rest. Most (not all) of the remaining energy expenditure is spent on movement and general exercise. For example, brisk walking burns about 100 calories in 15 minutes.

Energy Expenditure and Dieting

Many dieters intent on losing weight tend to eat too little. Problem is, an overly restrictive calorie-intake can cause the body to conserve calories, leading to slower weight reduction. A useful way to prevent this type of energy-conservation is to eat regularly - example: eat a small snack every 3 hours. In addition, it's worth noting that energy-related bodily functions - like appetite, metabolic rate, metabolism of fats and sugars, and so on - work more efficiently when we have an optimum intake of nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. There are at least 22 vitamins and minerals that are important for weight management.

Energy and Metabolic Rate

Although our resting metabolic rate is largely a matter of genetic inheritance, we can raise it somewhat. The only effective way to raise metabolism is by taking regular exercise. Regular aerobic workouts burn energy the fastest and raise metabolism, while strength-training exercise increases our muscle mass, which itself contributes to a faster metabolic rate as maintaining muscle tissue requires more calories.

More Information About Calories and Energy in Foods

For more details about energy needs, energy expenditure and daily calorie intake, see Calorie Information

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