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Special Diets

Information about special diets for specific conditions, as well as diet programs for better nutrition and healthier lifestyle.

Arthritis Diet
Diet foods to alleviate arthritis.
Blood Pressure Diet
Dietary treatment to lower blood pressure.
Cancer Diet
Anti-cancer diet guidelines.
Candida Diet
Diet tips to avoid feeding candida yeast infestation.
Cholesterol Diet
Diet advice to lower cholesterol.
Dash Diet
Diet plan to lower raised blood pressure (hypertension).
Detox Diet
Cleansing detox diet advice.
Diabetes Diet
Diabetic diet advice to manage blood glucose levels.
Diuretic Diet
Foods to reduce water retention.
Elimination Diet
Eating plan to identify food sensitivities.
Eskimo Diet
Classic healthy heart diet book on cholesterol benefits of fish oils.
Fruitarian Diet
Type of vegan diet.
Gluten-Free Diet
Gluten-free diet guidelines.
Gout Diet
Low purine diet to reduce symptoms of gout.
Heart Diet
Healthy heart diet advice.
Heart Diet Facts
Facts to encourage healthy heart diet compliance.
Juice Diets
Liquid cleansing diets.
Ketogenic Diet
Diets that cause ketosis for fast fat-burning.
Lactose Intolerance Diet
Diet suggestions to reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Macrobiotic Diet
Type of vegetarian/vegan diet.
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean style eating.
Menopause Diet
Diet advice to reduce symptoms of menopause.
Organic Diet
Food grown without chemicals.
Pescetarian Diet
Type of "part-vegetarian" diet.
Pregnancy Diet
Advice on diet nutrition while pregnant.
Raw Food Diets
Raw food diet plan.
Renal Diet
Diet advice for patients with impaired kidneys.
Sodium Diet
Reducing sodium intake in daily diet.
Ulcer Diet
No specific diet plan to reduce ulcer symptoms.
Vegan Diet
Diets with no animal foods.
Vegetarian Diet
Lacto vegetarian and Ovo Lacto vegetarian diet advice.
Weight Gain Diet
Regain weight diet advice for the underweight.

Dietary Calories In Types of Foods

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Caloric Information

Definition of Calorie - Definition of Kilocalories (kcals) - Definition of Kilojoules - Calorie Needs to Maintain Weight - Calorie Needs for Children - Calorie Needs for Teenagers - Calorie Intake per Day - Calorie Intake and Age - Calorie Intake and Expenditure - Energy Burned by Exercise - Calories and Exercise - Fat Calories - Calories in One Pound of Body Fat - Calories in Gram Carbs - Calories in Gram Protein - Calories and Water - Exercise: How Many Calories to Burn - Energy in Food

Dieting and Weight Management

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