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Diet and Calories

Guidelines for Diet and Calories

High-Calorie and Low-Calorie Diet Foods

A healthy weight loss diet is a balanced diet which includes foods from all food groups. From a calorie viewpoint, it should include both low-calorie foods, like fruits and vegetables; medium-calorie foods, like lean meat, lower-fat dairy, whole wheat bread, pasta and rice; and high-calorie foods like oily fish and vegetable oils.

Reduce Your Intake of Empty Calorie Foods

Foods which contain calories but few (if any) nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals, are called 'empty-calorie' foods. Common examples of empty calorie foods are: regular carbonated drinks, colas, and highly refined sugary foods like sweets, candy and so on.

Aim for 30 percent of Calories from Fat

Most mainstream nutritionists advise that you should aim to eat about 30 percent of your total calories from fats or oils. If you are at risk from raised cholesterol, heart experts advise between 20-30 percent calories from fat.

Choose Low-Glycemic-Index Carb Calories

Low-GI carbs are preferable to high-GI carbs. This is because low-GI carbs take longer to digest, keep blood sugar levels more stable and maintain a feeling of fullness for longer.

Choose Fat-Calories from Vegetable Fats

All fats contain the same amount of calories, but some fat-calories are healthier. In general, most of your fat-calories should come from vegetable rather than animal fats, as the latter typically contains saturated fat which is associated with increased risk of heart disease.

Food Calories and Exercise Calories Determine Weight Loss

Clinical diet studies continue to show that weight loss is not possible unless the number of calories taken in is LESS than the number of calories burned. In this sense, calories and calorie-intake are a vital element in weight control.

For calorie details of 2500 Foods, see Calories in Foods

Dietary Calories In Types of Foods

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Caloric Information

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Dieting and Weight Management

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