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Cardio Endurance and Fitness

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Cardiovascular Endurance and Fitness

Cardiovascular Endurance

What is Cardio-Aerobic Endurance and Performance?

The first basic component of physical fitness, aerobic or cardio-vascular endurance is the body's ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues (in order to power the muscles), and to remove wastes, over sustained periods of time and during sustained physical activity. Extended running, cycling or swimming workouts are among the methods employed to measure cardio-respiratory fitness.

Cardio Endurance: Vital Component of Physical Fitness

Cardiovascular endurance should be a central part of your overall fitness program. To improve your cardio-aerobic endurance, try exercise activities that keep your heart rate elevated at a safe level for a sustained length of time. As well as running, cycling or swimming, use a treadmill, elliptical trainer or stepper/stairclimber. The exercise does not have to be strenuous to raise your cardiorespiratory endurance. So for optimum health benefits, start slowly with an aerobic workout you enjoy, and gradually work up to a more intense pace.

VO2 Max Bicycle/Treadmill Test and Recovery Index

Used to test cardio-aerobic performance and physiological performance, the VO2 max test measures the maximum volume of oxygen which a person can ingest over a set period of time. The oxygen, carbon dioxide and total volume of air breathed in are measured throughout the test and VO2 max is expressed in liters of oxygen consumed per minute, or when adjusted for body mass, as milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body mass per minute. A less technical cardio-aerobic fitness test is the Recovery Index. Usually performed (eg) on a bicycle ergometer, or treadmill, this measures the heart recovery rate after exercise.

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