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Burn Calories and Reduce Body Fat Percent

Step Aerobics: Get Fit, Burn Fat

Fitness and Fat-Burning Combined

A step aerobic workout is a great way to boost fitness and burn stored body fat. Step aerobics increases the number of calories burned, and - if combined with a calorie-controlled eating plan - will cause the body to burn it's stored fat - including stomach fat. In addition, step aerobics helps to develop upper and lower body muscles, so you improve fitness and reshape your body.

Step Aerobics Improves Fat Percent

About 45 minutes of step aerobics burns about 450 calories. In one year, this daily exercise routine burns a total of 164,250 calories per year - about 39 pounds of stored body fat. This fat-burning improves the body's fat-percent - the muscle-to-fat ratio.

Step Aerobics: Fat-Burning Health Benefits

Because it helps to burn body-fat, a regular fitness workout (like step aerobics) contributes to improved health in several ways. It helps reduce stomach fat, associated with serious illness; it assists weight control, thus maintaining normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Finally, it releases endorphins the happiness chemicals that improve mood. These health benefits are further boosted by a balanced diet.

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